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My Pocket Guardian Card Always looking out for you.

My Pocket Guardian Card Always looking out for you.

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Introducing my Pocket Guardian Card! 

We're excited to share with you our personal pocket guardian card, a symbol of strength and resilience in your journey towards healing.

These are business card size and made from metal, ideal for any wallet or purse so they are always with you. 

Life can throw us unexpected curveballs, leaving scars and wounds that sometimes seem impossible to overcome. But, our pocket guardian serves as a constant reminder that those wounds do not define us. They are a part of our story, but they no longer have power over our lives.

It reminds us that we have the strength within us to rise above any challenges, to embrace our scars as a symbol of growth and to reclaim control over our own happiness. 

Healing is a journey, and it's not always easy. But as we navigate through our pain, we learn valuable lessons about ourselves and discover inner strength we never knew existed.

We invite you all to find your own pocket guardian card, a tangible reminder that healing is possible and that you are capable of rewriting your story. Let it be a source of inspiration and empowerment on your path towards self-discovery. 

Remember, healing doesn't mean forgetting or erasing the past. It means reclaiming your power, embracing your scars, and rewriting your future with love and resilience. 

Choose the the quote for your card from our selection or message use your quote, we can also put a personalised message on the back for that friend our family member. 

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